Pudendal Neuralgia and Other Intrapelvic Peripheralnerve Entrapment- A Neglected Cause of Pain and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Workshop 24

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Nelly Faghani


Nucelio L B M Lemos


Nucelio L B M Lemos


Marília Frare Martins Freire



Aims & Objectives

90 minutes
Pelvic Pain Syndromes
Pudendal Neuralgia Neuroanatomy Perineal Pain
Clinicians, surgeons and physios interested at pelvic and pudendal pain

This workshop is directed to both clinicians and basic scientists interested in understanding the pathophysiology, clinical features and the therapeutic options of pudendal neuralgia and other intrapelvic nerve entrapments.
The program starts with a review of the normal pelvic neuroanatomy through real surgery laparoscopic dissections. After this introduction, the clinical features of nerve entrapment syndromes will be explained, medical treatment guidelines will be proposed and the surgical treatment will be demonstrated by means of real surgery videos. The role of pelvic floor muscles in the etiopathogenesis of pelvic and perineal pain role of physical therapy will also be thoroughly discussed.

Learning Objectives

  • - To describe and discuss the Surgical Neuroanatomy of the Pelvis as applied to intrapelvic neuropathies. - To develop an etiology-based understanding of pudendal pain and pain derived from other intrapelvic neuropathies. - To highlight the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to intrapelvic neuropathies and describe the role of each professional in the team.