Satellite Symposium

Satellite Symposium 1

When, how and why should I use urodynamics in my clinical practice?

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Spadolini G
Wednesday 13th Sep 2017

Urodynamic case interpretation in different patients’ categories (male LUTS, female incontinence and neurogenic patients).

The goal of the symposium is to underline the role of the urodynamic investigation in the precise assessment of the different patients with LUTS. All cases show an essential role of the urodynamic investigation, providing useful information for the choosing the best treatment and/or changing of the post-treatment outcome and/or changing of pre-treatment patients’ counselling. At the end of the symposium, the participants should be aware of the most recent data on the role of urodynamics; they should also increase their knowledge on how, when and why to perform these tests in the different patients’ populations discussed.

IntroductionEnrico Finazzi Agro
New document on Good Urodynamic PracticePeter Rosier
The role of Urodynamics in male LUTS and OAB, female incontinence and neurogenic patients according to guidelines, recommendations and present evidenceEnrico Finazzi Agro
Work in 3 small groups for case discussionAll
Case of female incontinenceRuth Kirschner-Hermanns
Case of male LUTS(Gommert van Koeveringe
Case of neurogenic bladderUlrich Mehnert
Presentation results and discussion of findings 3 casesAll
Closing remarksPeter Rosier

All registered attendees can submit a difficult case minimum 4 weeks in advance to Laborie, by emailing the patient’s Urodynamic tracing, complaints and other useful background information to The faculty will decide for each workstation if this case can be used as an example.

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