Robot assisted pudendal nerve neurolysis

Carracedo D1, Guijarro A1, Moscatiello P1, Sánchez M1

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Pelvic Pain Syndromes / Sexual Dysfunction

Abstract 289
Surgical Video 1
Scientific Podium Video Session 17
Thursday 30th August 2018
09:09 - 09:18
Hall D
Pain, Pelvic/Perineal Surgery Neuropathies: Peripheral
1. Hospital Universitario Rey Juan Carlos. Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. Móstoles. Madrid.

David Carracedo



Pudendal Nerve Entrapment Syndrome is characterized by neuropatic pain in pudendal nerve territory. This pain can be associated or not with mictional, defecatory and sexual disorders. Nerve surgical descompression is a safe and secure alternative in cases with failure of conservative management. The objective of this video is to describe procedure of robotic pudendal neurolysis step by step.
In this video, robotic assisted surgical technique is described step by step. Left pudendal neurolysis was performed with intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring in a 60 years old patient diagnosed with pudendal nerve entrapment syndrome.
Procedure was completed satisfactory without complications. Hospital postoperative stay was 24 hours. Pain relief was observed with a 50% of pain reduction measured with Visual Analogue Scale 2 weeks after surgery, kept stable 10 weeks after neurolysis.
Robotic pudendal neurolysis is a feasible and secure approach, which allows better visualization and accurancy in dissection of PN. Intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring is an useful tool which improve location of PN and detection of intraoperative changes after pudendal nerve descompression.
Funding No funding was received. Clinical Trial No Subjects Human Ethics not Req'd The surgery performed in this video, is a non experimental treatment. Helsinki Yes Informed Consent Yes