Approach to chronic pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction

Workshop 8

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Kristene E Whitmore


Kristene E Whitmore


Karolynn Echols


Erica Fletcher


Jane M Meijlink

Aims & Objectives

90 minutes
Pelvic Pain Syndromes / Sexual Dysfunction
Chronic pelvic pain Sexual dysfunction Integrative medicine
Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Physical Therapists.
- Overview of chronic pelvic pain (CPP) and complex of syndromes (lower urinary tract, genital pain, gastrointestinal, high tone pelvic floor dysfunction, neuropathic, psychologic, dyspareunia). - Evaluation of CPP – complete history and physical to identify. - Discuss implications of CPP with sexual dysfunction. - Overview of female sexual dysfunction. - Management of CPP and sexual dysfunction- an overview of multi-modal treatment approach with the emphasis on an individualised approach including therapies that are easily available and low budget. - Discuss complementary medicine and pelvic floor physical therapy and its role in CPP/sexual dysfunction. - Interactive discussion time.