On mesh, litigation and what we can learn from the litigation nightmare

State of the Art Lecture 1

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Wednesday 29th August 2018
08:00 - 08:30
Hall A
Capacity: 900
11/06/2021 23:55:10

Ben Rubinowitz, a trial lawyer who practices in New York City, will present an overview of transvaginal mesh litigation. This session will be an up-to-date discussion of issues involved in the litigation as well as trial issues and techniques used by plaintiff’s attorneys to prove their case against Product Manufacturers, Doctors and Hospital Employees. The discussion will also include methods and strategies that can be used to protect urologists, gynecologists, and hospital employees from being sued and what to do in the event a physician or hospital employee is involved in a lawsuit. A discussion of the learned intermediary doctrine, which shifts the blame away from the product manufacturer to the doctor, will be discussed as well as a detailed discussion of the importance of Informed Consent. Mr. Rubinowitz will not only discuss these issues but will provide trial demonstrations related to these important points.