Cadaver Master Class: Stress urinary incontinence

Committee Activity

The cadaver masterclass will include practical sessions with “hands on” fresh frozen cadavers covering the anatomy, various surgical techniques as well as technical tricks for various anti-incontinence and reconstructive vaginal surgical procedures. Delegates will be instructed and guided through the surgical steps of how to perform all the various male and female anti-incontinence surgeries, neuromodulation, transvaginal reconstructive pelvis surgery and how to avoid/manage surgically related complications.


The Cadaver Masterclass has been designed for clinicians, surgeons as well as all healthcare providers wanting to advance their knowledge and surgical skills in all areas of female urology, urogynaecology and reconstructive pelvic surgery.

The aims & objectives of the course is as follows.
1. To properly counsel patients about the current predominant surgical options for treatment of female stress urinary incontinence.
2. To identify patient factors that influence surgical decision making in female stress urinary incontinence.
3. To avoid surgical complications/failures by adherence to optimal technique.
4. To apply individualised sling tensioning to maximise success while minimising complications.


Each workshop will include: a) didactic sessions covering the anatomy of the pelvis, video presentations of different surgeries, and a “hands-on” session using prosections.

b) “hands on” fresh frozen cadavers covering the surgical techniques. Delegates will also be instructed and guided through the anatomical dissection with the aid of faculty members.


08:0008:05Introduction and Ground Rules 
08:0508:20Patient selection for SUI Procedures 
08:2008:30Move into lab & gown up 
08:3010:45Delegates split up and move around 3 stations conducting 45 mins of techniques 
1. retropubic, Remeex, transobturator and minislings 
2. Pubovaginal sling 
3. Burch colposuspension 
10:4511:00Wrap-up, Q & A, Cases 

The views expressed in this session are those of the company and speakers and not necessarily those of the International Continence Society.