Combining Nursing and Physiotherapy services to treat Bladder Health in our older adult population

Workshop 11

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Frankie Bates


Frankie Bates


Angie Rantell


Angie Rantell


Heather Lynn Moky



Aims & Objectives

90 minutes
Conservative Management
Multidisciplinary team work Older adults Incontinence
Conservative Management

The aim of this workshop is to focus on our older adult population with urinary incontinence in a community dwelling setting. The importance of combining services to improve patient treatment outcomes is essential . Understanding the mechanisms of continence will help the audience appreciate a greater understanding of why UI is more commonly seen in our older adult population. A brief overview of the different types of urinary incontinence will be given as well as how to evaluate an older adult with urinary incontinence.

The conservative management options for urinary incontinence will be given from both a nursing and physiotherapy perspective.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the essential elements of clinical assessment in the older person with lower urinary tract symptoms.
  • Explain the conservative management treatment options for urinary incontinence in the older adult population.
  • Recognise wider multidisciplinary working to assist with implementation of therapeutic conservative measures.