Tales of Ideas Gone Big: Translational Science in Continence

Round Table Discussion 1

Wednesday 4th September 2019
13:30 - 14:30
Hall K
Capacity: 1500
23/01/2021 11:11:44

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The term translational research often refers to the process “bench-to-bedside” implying that knowledge from basic sciences can be applied to produce new drugs, devices and treatments. However, it can also refer to translation of early human research into practice; i.e., ensuring that new knowledge reaches the patients or populations for whom they are intended. Thus, two very different translational blocks have been identified: T1 - the transfer of new understandings of disease mechanisms gained in the laboratory into the development of new methods for diagnosis, therapy, and prevention. T2 - the translation of results from clinical studies into everyday clinical practice and health decision making. The present round table discussion will focus on why many of our efforts to apply these concepts have failed and what can be done to improve our approach.

13:3013:40The translational impact of preclinical models for LUT dysfunctionLori Birder
13:4313:53Continence drugs for the futureKarl-Erik Andersson
13:5614:06Clinical Pharmacology in translational researchThomas Hedner
14:0914:19Translational research from drug industry perspectiveEboo Versi