Living Well with Long-term Incontinence: Challenges and Solutions

Round Table Discussion 3

Thursday 5th September 2019
12:00 - 13:00
Hall K
Capacity: 1500
26/01/2021 09:37:48

How can we support and enable people with incontinence and their carers to ‘live well’ with long-term incontinence? Multiple challenges exist including lack of information or tools to make good product choices and difficulties with access to products and services. Rationing and lack of support to adapt to life with incontinence can compound the problem and even when available products can be difficult to use when patients resist care. This round table brings together a group of experts and participating delegates to raise and respond to questions, as well as proposing solutions to the challenges of living well with incontinence.

12.0012:05IntroductionMandy Fader
12.0512:10Key challenge 1: How can we help people to make evidence-based decisions about choosing continence products?Mandy Fader
12.2012:25Key challenge 2: Challenging rationing of continence pad and products in organisations and responding to individuals who resist continence careJoan Ostaszkiewicz
12.3012:35Key challenge 3: Leading a new ‘normal’ life with bowel leakage problemsEva B Westling
12.4012:45Key challenge: How to live at home and access services with MS and continence problemsDoreen McClurg