How do incontinence drugs really work?

Round Table Discussion 7

09/05/2021 03:19:57

This roundtable “How do incontinence drugs really work?” will take us through basic science via translational research into the realms of clinical practice. The focus will be on the drugs that are in current use for overactive bladder and will explain how the guidelines for their use have been developed. There will be time for discussion with the multidisciplinary international faculty all of whom will express their differing views regarding drugs prescribed for urinary incontinence.

14:0014:05IntroductionLinda Cardozo
14:0514:20Mechanisms of action of current and future continence drugsKarl-Erik Andersson
14:2014:35Continence drugs in the older patientLori Birder
14:3514:50EAU Guidelines and current recommended practice and new forms of analysis such as Multiple Criterion Decision AnalysisChris Chapple