Bugs, Brain and the Gut – Towards a Better Understanding of Pathophysiology and Management of Neurogenic Bowel Dysfunction

State of the Art Lecture 3

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Saturday 21st November 2020
16:00 - 16:30
Live Room 1
09/06/2024 16:41:23

The learning objectives for this talk are:

• Prevalence and impact of neurogenic bowel dysfunction (NBD)
• How understanding of the brain-gut axis helps understand pathophysiology
• Structured basis to conservative therapy in NBD
• How to use transanal irrigation
• Future potential for neuromodulation and targeting the microbiota to target the brain-gut axis

This topic is relevant due to an increasing prevalence of neurological disease. The brain-gut axis is being increasingly studied, especially neuromodulation and microbiota. Therapies are being developed without fully understanding mechanism

Recommended Reading:

Anton Emmanuel says about the ICS that "it is important that bowel dysfunction is a part of the remit of the ICS, which should not be considered merely a bladder related organisation. Whilst there are national colorectal and gastroenterological groups, there is a need for an international institution to produce guidance and be a forum for discussion."

Anton Emmanuel's key new finding:
The complications of cancer therapy (especially pelvic cancers) include significant gastrointestinal symptoms which can be assessed and often treated.

To read Anton Emmanuel's full biography click here