If you can’t Stand the Heat…. Appraising the Evidence for Thermal therapy in Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction

Round Table Discussion 1

The role of laser therapy and thermomodulation in the management of women with lower urinary tract dysfunction remains controversial and concerns have been following the FDA warning in 2019. With the help of acknowledged global experts in the field we shall review the science behind thermal therapy and critically appraise the available evidence. In addition we shall explore what further research we need to support the governance and safe usage of these new treatment modalities.

13:3013:35IntroductionDudley Robinson
13:3513:45The science of Energy Based DevicesStefano Salvatore
13:4013:55What is the role of Laser therapy in Genitourinary Syndrome of the Menopause?Linda Cardozo
13:5514:05What is the role of Laser therapy in Stress Incontinence and Urogenital Prolapse?Abbas Shobeiri
14:0514:15What is the role of Thermodulation in lower urinary tract dysfunction?Cheryl Igelsia