Male Incontinence and Erectile Dysfunction following Prostatectomy

Round Table Discussion 4

Thursday 19th November 2020
13:30 - 14:30
Brasilia 4
Capacity: 170

Expert committees and international organizations in matters related to incontinence recommend that physiotherapy should be the first line approach for conservative treatment for UI after prostate surgery. This round table will bring together a group of experts who will discuss recent advances in understanding of the control of continence in men, clinical assessment of muscle function, rehabilitation of incontinence and erectile dysfunction, treatment options and new clinical approaches. Best outcomes depend on consideration of each of these factors from research to treatment and instructions, ensuring patient adherence and monitoring all components and at all stages.

13:3013:35IntroductionHeather Moky
13:3513:45Control of continence in men, the impact of prostate surgery and clinical assessmentPaul Hodges
13:4513:55Management of UI post prostatectomyCristina Naranjo
13:5514:05Management of ED post prostatectomyAdelia Lucio
14:0514:25Panel Discussion – Q & AAll
14:2514:30ConclusionHeather Moky