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An online format for ICS 2021 allows creativity and reach FAR beyond any in-person meeting we have ever hosted and we are excited for this stimulating academic opportunity. We want to give our delegates the experience as if they were really at a face to face meeting and provide a full programme. You are strongly recommended to register for the meeting and record your presentation to support your abstract. By having your presentation available at ICS 2021 Online your work will benefit from a SIGNIFICANTLY expanded reach. For example, our ICS Live Events which have been running at least once a week since April 2020 get on average 30 people watching live but within a week they have been viewed 700 times – some are close to 2000 views. This means that your audience and your content will be way beyond the lecture theatre.

DEADLINE to upload your abstract is 31st August

How will your abstract be presented online ?

Unless you have been told that your abstract has been selected for the LIVE programme, your Abstract Presentation/s will be an on-demand video. Only registered delegates for the meeting can submit video presentations. All presentations should be no longer than 7 minutes (unless you submitted a video abstract in which case it remains at 5 minutes long).

Who will be able to watch my presentation ?

Your presentation, like your published abstract will be publicly available - you will be able to promote your research on social media and link directly to your video presentation together with your published abstract text. Your abstract presentation and text will be indexed by Google for organic search.

How will the audience engage with me ?

An individual forum will be published below your abstract. Registered delegates for the meeting will be able to post questions to you and receive replies. The abstract presenter will be notified by email whenever anyone comments. As asking questions is restricted to delegates there is no risk of spam. You may even wish to make yourself available at certain times and be able to talk live with other delegates about your abstract. See below about how we recommend this. The comments and discussion will also be viewable by the public.

Delegate comments
How do I record my PowerPoint presentation as video ?

The easiest and best way is with Microsoft PowerPoint. It has a built in record presentation feature which is really easy to use. We have a full guide on how to record your PowerPoint presentation here.

Abstract presentation video
What makes an engaging presentation that communicates my research ?

It is in your interest to make your presentation stand out. We have therefore prepared a short guide to making your abstract presentation stand out from the crowd and how to make the most of your presentation.

How do I upload my Presentation video ?

Once you have managed to record your presentation, you've saved it as a video and you're happy with the playback you will go to the my abstract page, find your abstract and click on upload presentation. We can only accept videos saved as an MPEG-4 Video file format and are under 2Gb. You have to be registered for the meeting to be able to upload your abstract. The deadline to upload your video is 31st August.

How do I promote my work during the meeting and build my presence on social media ?

On your individual abstract page there are social media engagement buttons to automatically post your message and a link to your abstract page on all popular social media sites. Make sure you use the hashtag #ICSMeeting and @icsoffice so we can share and re-tweet. You can also use a button to quickly email the link to your colleagues and ask them to share too!

You could even record a 30 second video to promote your research and post to social media. In the message you explain the abstract and why its important to read. You can also share related published research and explain how it adds to it.

A range of branded social media images are available for download here which will make your posts stand out:

Download Social Media Images Here

Please share these on your chosen social media platform(s). Don’t forget to tag ICS into your posts @icsoffice and use the hashtag #ICSMeeting. ICS will share your posts with our followers – over 20,000 people worldwide!

How long will my presentation / abstract be available after the meeting ?

ICS is the leader in research and education in the field of continence. Dissemination of research in our field is one of our core goals as a charity. Our aim is therefore to make your work available indefinitely.

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