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Be Present at ICS 2021

ICS 2021 is current being planned as an in-person meeting, however provisions have been made to accommodate supporters, should this change. The commercial/technical Exhibition will be held at the Melbourne Convention Center

In the event of a hybrid meeting, there will be a live and a virtual exhibition.

The floor plan is designed to maximise Exhibitors’ exposure to the delegates and will be published shortly.

To discuss any matters with regards to Exhibiting including prices please contact Noa Freilich Pollack

Interactive exhibition floor plan to publish once approved
Options to increase footfall at your booth! To connect to the promotional items page

This year, we will offer the following exhibition options:

  1. Shell scheme and space only booth
  2. Start up booths- 6 sqm booths located in the exhibition area, can be bought by new start up companies as booth only or as part of a package including the booth and a 10 minutes presentation during our start up product theatre taking place during one of the coffee breaks.

**Local companies who are participating in the CFA conferences are entitled to tailor made packages. Kindly contact Noa Freilich Pollack for additional details.

Space Only Rental (Minimum of 12 sqm)

This includes:
• Exhibitors' badges
• 100 word company / product profile in the Programme
• Cleaning of public areas and gangways
• Invitation to the Networking Reception for registered exhibitors

Shell Scheme Rental (9-12 sqm)

This includes:
• Exhibitors’ badges
• 100 word company / product profile in the e-Programme
• Cleaning of public areas and gangways
• Invitation to the Welcome Reception for registered exhibitor
• Shell scheme frame, basic lighting
• Fascia panel with standard lettering

Space only / shell scheme rental does not include any furniture, electrical usage or stand cleaning. All these services and others will be available to order in the Exhibitors' Technical Manual.

Exhibitors Badges Rules & regulations

Allocation of Exhibition Space
Space Allocation will be made on a “first come, first served” basis. A completed Exhibition Booking Form and Contract must be faxed / emailed to ensure reservation of a desired location. Upon receipt of the Exhibition Booking Form and Contract, space will be confirmed and an invoice will be sent. Please note that three alternative booth choices should be clearly indicated on the application form. Space allocations will be made in the order in which application forms with payment are received.

Exhibitor Registration
All exhibitors are required to be registered and will receive a badge displaying the exhibiting company name. Two exhibitor badges will be given for the first 9 sqm booked and one additional for each 9 sqm after. Any additional exhibitors will be charged an exhibitor registration fee. Companies can purchase a maximum number of exhibitor registrations as follows:
• Booths of up to 50 sqm – 15 exhibitor registrations
• Booths larger than 50 sqm– 25 exhibitor registrations
Exhibitor registrations allow access to the exhibition area only and shall be used by company staff only. An exhibitor registration form will be included in the Exhibitor’s Manual.

Exhibitor’s Technical Manual
An Exhibitors’ Technical Manual outlining all technical aspects of exhibiting will be available approximately 3 months prior to the Congress. It will include the following:
• Technical details about the Venue
• Final exhibition details and information
• Contractor details
• Services available to exhibitors and order forms

Insert and Display Materials
• Please note that all materials entering the venue incur a handling charge. This includes materials for inserts and display.
• In order to receive a price quote for handling and to assure arrival of your materials, please be sure to complete the “Pre-Advise” form included in the shipping instructions when you receive either the Exhibition or Symposia Technical Manuals.

Site Inspections
Exhibitors and Supporters are welcome to visit the Conference venue at their convenience. Please contact the venue directly to arrange this.

Exhibitor Logo and Profile
You can submit your logo and company’s profile, read important exhibitor information and complete orders for your stand on the Kenes Exhibitors’ Portal. The Exhibition Manager will contact you with the link to the Exhibitors’ Portal, including your personal login details.

Exhibition Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions of exhibiting are included in the Online Prospectus and can be found here. Please note that signing of the BOOKING FORM AND CONTRACT indicates acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. The Exhibition Booking Form will be held as a valid liable contract, by which both parties will be bound. An exclusive handling agent will be designated to the ICS 51st ANNUAL MEETING. The exclusivity of an agent for the handling needs of conferences refers specifically to work inside the venue. Exhibitors may use their own couriers up to the venue door and from outside of the venue door at the end of the conference. This organisational decision has been made for the safety and efficiency benefits to exhibitors and for the successful flow of the conference.

Promotional Activities
All demonstrations or instructional activities must be confined to the limits of the exhibition stand. Advertising material and signs may not be distributed or displayed outside the exhibitor’s stands. Sound equipment must be regulated and directed into the stand so that it does not disturb neighbouring exhibits. Exhibition Management reserves the right to require the exhibitor to discontinue any activity, noise or music that is deemed objectionable.
Further details will be included in the Exhibitors’ Technical Manual.

03/03/2021 06:15:22
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