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Frequently asked questions

ICS 2021 is current being planned as an in-person meeting, however provisions have been made to accommodate supporters, should this change.

If the information you are searching for is not here then please contact Noa Freilich Pollack for sales and guidance.

Once available the manual will be placed here. It will normally be available 3 months before the meeting. However Noa Freilich Pollack can be contacted in the meantime for any questions you may have.

Exact hours are still to be confirmed.

The maximum number of pages allowed for a page insert is 10 . If a language other than English is to be used, there should be a translated English version of the text. If a larger bag insert is required please contact Noa Freilich Pollack for sales and guidance.

If companies wish to produce adverts or flyers to promote an abstract being presented this can only be used from within the booth.

Should companies wish to hold meetings within the conference facilities these can be arranged through Kenes but details of temporary visitors must be known in advance so that security badges can be prepared. A cost for room hire may be required and any catering and AV requirements will be paid for by the companies. The meeting will not be publicised by ICS or in any publications of the Annual Meeting. If those attending the meeting are ICS delegates then the meeting must take place outside of the congress hours. Meetings held outside the conference centre are allowed but again must be outside of the congress hours.

Companies can only arrange social events on the evenings when there is not an official ICS event which includes the Chairmans Reception, Welcome Reception and Annual Dinner. Events may be organised after the Welcome and Chairmans Reception. No exceptions will be made and should the ICS be aware of any companies arranging events, they will be asked to cancel or re-schedule. Only companies supporting the ICS Annual Meeting (either
by exhibition or sponsorship) may arrange social events.

The ICS does not have a black out period. Once the abstract confirmation of acceptance have been sent to the author all companies and authors are allowed to discuss their paper to be presented i.e. press releases etc.

03/03/2021 05:37:27
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