Nocturia - A Circadian Dysrhythmia

Round Table Discussion 3

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We are thrilled to create a Roundtable Session for ICS Toronto '23 entitled "Nocturia: A Circadian Dysrhythmia". The session is a who's who of experts in the discipline of nocturia including Professor Karel Everaert (Circadian Etiology of Nocturia: Multifactorial Nature); Professor Donald Bliwise (Sleep-Nocturia Nexus), Professor Bahareh Vahabi (Diurnal Variation in proteins contributing to urothelial salt and water regulation), Professor Jason Lazar (Nocturia, Blood pressure dysregulation and cardiac dysfunction), Professor Jerry Blaivas (Evaluation/Treatment Algorithm of Nocturia) and Dr. Thomas Monaghan (New Dimensions). The topic is timely in expanding nocturia as merely a urological symptom, to a gateway to diagnosis of cardiovascular disease and disorders of sleep physiology, incorporating the latest advances in clinical and basic science underpinnings of nocturia and its manifold associated comorbidities.

Introduction Jeffrey P. Weiss, MD, PhD
Circadian Etiology of Nocturia: Multifactorial Nature Karel Everaert, MD, PhD
Sleep-Nocturia Nexus Donald L. Bliwise, PhD
Diurnal variation in proteins contributing to urothelial salt and water regulation Jeffrey P. Weiss, MD, PhD
Nocturia, Blood pressure dysregulation and cardiac dysfunction Jason M. Lazar, MD
Evaluation/Treatment Algorithm of Nocturia Jerry G. Blaivas, MD
Circadian dysfunction in Nocturia: New Dimensions Thomas F. Monaghan, MD, PhD
Summary and Discussion Jeffrey P. Weiss, MD, PhD

Selected readings

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