Early Career Professional Session

Committee Activity

Early Career Professional Session
Wednesday 27th September 2023
17:35 - 19:05
Room 103
Capacity: 150
27/05/2023 06:58:28

This early career professional session will supply you with tools to move forward in your career as well as improve your presentations skills. The full programme will be released soon!

Plus, we will have a great night out networking together afterwards!

Early Career Professionals Night Out

Following the Welcome Reception all Early Career Professional session attendees and speakers are invited to attend an evening out! You will receive your free ticket at the end of the early career session. Drinks and refreshments are provided! Please note delegates must attend the early career session to participate in the evening out and tickets are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Meeting Point: ICS Booth in the Exhibition Hall Dress Code: Casual

ICS defines an "Early Career Professional" as someone who has graduated or completed their education in their speciality field within the last 5 years