06 - 09 October 2026

Maastricht, Netherlands





ICS 2026

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ICS 2026

We, as proud representatives of the Dutch and Belgium Lowland’s, cordially invite you to the 2026 ICS Annual meeting in the city of Maastricht, the Netherlands!

In light of the ‘cross border’ nature of science we too ‘go beyond boundaries’ by putting our hands together within the organisation of the 56th Annual Meeting of the International Continence Society.

As “neighbouring” countries, we have a record of close and strong working relationships. In addition, an established history in incontinence and urology research and a large and extended national and international network. Therefore, we would be honoured to host this prestigious meeting in the middle of both of our countries and in a place which is regarded as the true heart of Europe; the beautiful city of Maastricht!

The city of Maastricht offers a unique and natural conference climate where sharing the highest possible scientific input is more rule than exception due to the city’s compactness and interactivity. In addition, the city provides superb networking opportunities were specialists from all around the globe can easily meet, connect and interact; often becoming friends for life! The central and easily accessible location of Maastricht makes it an outstanding global attraction, offering every delegate an unforgettable stay with the opportunity to discover the rich past and present of the city and its surroundings and the chance to enjoy the typical Southern “Couleur Locale” which you can feel, see and taste!

Maastricht; in the heart of Europe, is the centre of the Tristate area (The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany) and is a place with a unique and authentic energy and dynamism that you won’t experience anywhere else in the Netherlands or Europe. Once being a city where Germanic and Roman cultures collided; Maastricht today however, is proudly the mixed metropolis of culture, language and flavour. This makes the city burst with creativity, research, enterprise, innovation and culinary delights. There are historic buildings and trendy designer boutiques; majestic churches and thrilling cave adventures; inspired menus and inviting café terraces; lively festivals and sensational expositions; stately squares and vast vineyards. With Maastricht’s unique mix of all this, all delegates are catered for. The city is indeed a very special place, making Maastricht a true sensation and one of the leading congress destinations in The Netherlands.

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