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Cutting Edge Education

ICS run world class educational events both online and worldwide throughout the year. Our recognised courses are acclaimed as the gold standard in medical education, with accreditation from all global CME providers.

We are unique in that we are the only multi-disciplinary international Society focusing on continence and pelvic floor disorders. We are therefore uniquely positioned to support your strategic aims and reach your target audience.

### ICS Live Event

Opportunity to host a 45 minute Live Event via the ICS website and YouTube channel. The ICS has extensive experience of running live events. The back catalogue can be viewed here: The content and topic can be of your choice. This can be an educational session or to promote a new product or technique. The ICS will arrange for promotion prior to the event via ICS social media and mailing database and news article. Post event a continued campaign of "watch back" content for one month will be arranged. If sufficient notice is provided the ICS can arrange for the event to be CME accredited for additional charge.
NOTE: ICS stipulation is that one speaker is an ICS Member.

We would be pleased to offer a series of live events – 3 events for £20,000

Extended ICS live Event

All the qualities of a live event but with a continued post event campaign to advertise content for a 3 month period.

ICS TV Video Hosting

A pre-prepared video by the company which is hosted on ICS TV and advertised via ICS social media and mailing database & news article

Creation of Educational Video

Starting from £15,000
The ICS has a wealth of experience creating educational content for our members. This content can vary from short instructional video, patient advice to a gold standard Educational Module supported by a published document. The ICS can provide assistance creating, filming and editing gold standard, studio quality content for your company. This can then either be used in conjunction with another ICS package to advertise to our ICS network or can be used as a standalone video for your own consumption.

Consensus Projects

Prices vary
Consensus on clinical practice and standardisation is core to the ICS. The ICS can arrange an non-biased consensus document on a range of topics to improve patient outcomes.
You can view previous outcomes here under the ICS Standards page. You can view an example of how we might advertise the content here.

Best of ICS

Prices vary
ICS will work with you (with expert advice from the ICS Scientific and Education Committees) to define what constitutes the “Best of the ICS Annual Meeting”. A slide set will be produced and shared for your own presentation needs to target groups, clients or staff.

Grants and Fellowships

Prices vary
The ICS has created a variety of awards for a range of activities to encourage scientific creativity and to reward individuals for substantial contributions to the Society.

Abstract Award
Your company could support an award in your preferred topic area. Abstract submittors are encouraged by the possibility of a monetary award and are enthused to submit their abstract to ICS. Visit the link to see more information and examples of current companies supporting ICS abstract submissions.

Fellowship Awards
The ICS fellowship awards are designed to provide a range of opportunities for continence specialists (of any profession) to gain specialist bladder/bowel skills in research, clinical practice or education at expert centres. The criteria can be aligned to your companies clinical area and the ICS takes care of all the administration to allow for unbiased decision making. Visit the link above to see examples from current companies support ICS Fellowships. Reports from fellowship awardees are a recommended read. Pricing is open ended with a guide price of $5,000 USD for each fellowship (typically lasting up to 4 weeks).

Conference Travel Awards
A fund could be provided for target groups and individuals to receive support to attend an ICS annual meeting. Pricing is open ended with a guide price of £1000 per award.

Whats on my desk

Prices vary
Got something Hot on your desk that you want to tell the ICS network about? Get in touch with the ICS and we can discuss how best to get that information out to our contacts.

Educational Programme/Workshop/Course

Prices vary
Working closely with the ICS Education and Scientific Committees, educational programmes can be developed and created on specialised topic areas. These educational events would be advertised to the ICS network and beyond. Not only will the content be targeted but provided by ICS Experts who are well-known all over the world.

ICS Recognised Courses

Prices range from £600
The ICS acknowledges that there are courses run internationally that set high standards of education and are framed in a way that is applicable internationally with variations to suit local conditions. ICS has been “recognising” urodynamic courses and training programmes for several years that conform to the ICS standards. The ICS are now offering this recognition to any discipline that fits with the ICS remit and in return for a small fee the course organisers are provided with a certificate stating that the programme conforms to the ICS standards thus giving an internationally recognised seal of approval. The ICS will also provide assistance marketing the recognised course to the ICS membership and beyond. For more information and the application form click the link above.

Advertising Educational Event/Course/Workshop

Prices vary
The ICS can offer advertising of a course or event that your company is hosting. This can be listed in our calendar as a premium listing to maximise exposure of your event. Adverts via social media and our mailing list can also be discussed.

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