Skype for Business Training

Here are some short training videos on the skype for business desktop app

Make a call in Skype for Business (1min 46s)

Presence and IM (instant messaging) in Skype for Business (1min 38s)

Set up audio and video in Skype for Business (1min 44s)

Add a contact in Skype for Business (51secs)

Transferring Calls:

How to do a blind transfer on skype for business desktop

How to do a consultative call transfer on skype for business desktop

Meetings and Conferencing :

We have enabled Skype for business meetings for everyone, this provides the same features as Webex and BT meet me (screen sharing and dial in from a phone):

Schedule a Skype for business meeting (1min 49s)

Meet and Share using Skype for Business (1min 37s)

Skype for business meetings features:
Screen sharing
Record the audio and video of the meeting
Hand control over to others in meeting
audio and video conferencing (hear and see each person in the meeting)
toll free dial in numbers (bigger list than webex)
supports upto 250 people per conference call
integrated into outlook
group IM (chat)
secured over https
setup conference call instantly with “meet now” feature
Apps Available on Android , iOS, Mac, Windows and web clients

All documentation on skype for business phone system is in this folder:
X:\ICS_Procedures\Skype For Buisness Phone System

Please talk to ashley in the office if you need any further help.

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