Physiotherapy Forum at Annual Meetings

The Physiotherapy Forum is held at the ICS Annual Meeting each year and brings together physiotherapists from across the globe for updates on the latest issues, dissemination of information, and networking.  The first round table was held in Heidelberg Germany in 2002.  To learn more about past roundtables see the history presentation [“Once upon a time - Physiotherapy in the ICS”.][2] All professions are welcome to attend the Round Table sessions.


Typically, the session begins with reports of committee activities of interest to physiotherapists and follows with scientific presentations.  These may be presentations by new researchers, preliminary findings, or a report of a research methodology.  Presentations at the Physiotherapy Roundtable will not be repeated in the presentations of the main meeting.   A state of the art lecture is given and then participants are encouraged to split into breakout sessions to discuss specific topics and areas of interest. These smaller sessions encourage the exchange of ideas and in-depth discussion on various matters of relevance.   The evening often concludes with a buffet and social hour to continue networking and learning.

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