10th Physiotherapy Round Table Glasgow 2011


The 10th Annual Physiotherapy Round table at the ICS Annual meeting in Glasgow Scotland took place on Sunday August 28, 2011. ICS Physiotherapy Committee partnered with the UK Association of Chartered Physiotherapist in Women’s Health (ACPWH) for a full day of programing, learning, and sharing.  Handouts are available from the link on this page.  

The ACPWH Annual conference was held in the morning and included two scientific presentations and the ACPWH annual general meeting.  Ruth Hawkes, Chair of the ACPWH and Kate Loughs, Chair of the ACPWH Conference Committee 2011 welcomed the group of 150 physiotherapists.  The keynote speaker, Britt Stuge, presented on treatment of pelvic girdle pain and the development and implementation of the European Guidelines on Pelvic Pain.   The Margie Polden Lecture was given by Diane Stark on the role of physiotherapy in the management and prevention of pelvic organ prolapse with some results from the award winning POPPY trial.  The participants then enjoyed a wonderful lunch with networking and exhibit opportunities. 


The afternoon was opened by past chair of the ICS physiotherapy committee Marijke Van Kampen and other committee members’ providing updates on current committee and society business.  See the 2011 Physiotherapy Annual Report link on the Physiotherapy home page for details.  The physiotherapy committee welcomes a new chair Helena Frawley and looks forward to continued growth of the committee.  We also thanked Marijke Slieker for her many years on the committee (she will continue to represent physiotherapy on the ICS education committee).  


Marijke Slieker shared a very interested and fun history of the ten years of the physiotherapy round table documenting the progression from an informal gathering to our current structure of scientific presentation and small group workshops.  This history will be expended and posted on the physiotherapy web page.   Scientific presentations this year included Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation for Overactive Bladder Syndrome (Jenny Sheppard), Access to Experience in Women's Health for UK student physiotherapists (Doreen McClurg), Using real time ultrasound to assess post prostatectomy male pelvic floors (Irmina Nahon), Rectal balloon training as add-on therapy to PFM training in adults with fecal incontinence (Esther Bols), and Potty training (Alexandra Vermandel).  The State of the Art Lecture was presented by Marijke Slieker on pelvic organ prolapse.  The meeting continued with 14 small group workshops lead by physiotherapists covering a wide range of PT topics.  Each leader presented a case report and lead discussion of evidenced based evaluation and treatment.   High quality of the presentations, stimulating discussions, networking and reconnection with old friends made this meeting a tremendous success.   We would like to thank all the organizers and speakers for this successful meeting.  Handouts can be found on the ICS Physiotherapy website

The Annual Conference continued with 500 registered physiotherapists.   Nine workshops were chaired by physiotherapists and many other workshops with physiotherapy speakers.  Some of the workshops chaired by physiotherapy included: antenatal and postpartum pelvic floor muscle training in prevention of UI (Kari Bo), practical treatment / management of lower bowel dysfunction (Julia Hebert), Successful, established and innovative concepts of pelvic floor rehabilitation (Bary Berghmans), Prolapse: room for conservative therapies (Helena Frawley), Sate of the art pelvic floor assessment (Fetske Hogen Esch),and physical therapies for urinary incontinence: from the young adult to the elderly patient (this workshop is available on web cast).   Posters and platforms also featured many physiotherapy papers.  The prize for best clinical abstract was awarded to physiotherapist Suzanne Hagen and colleges for the UK POPPY trial (abstract 129 A Multicenter randomized controlled trial of a pelvic floor muscle training intervention for women with pelvic organ prolapse).  Chantal Dumoulin presented a small sample of a video used in teaching pelvic floor muscle examination to physiotherapy students.  Two pelvic floor exercises classes lead by physiotherapists were well attended and physiotherapists participated in “Meet the experts” lunches.   We look forward to many more years of successful physiotherapy participation.  See you at the 2012 ICS Annual Meeting in Beijing, China. 

Beth Shelly, PT, DPT, WCS, BCB PMD 


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