10th Physiotherapy Round Table, Programme 2011




Keynote Speaker: The Anatomy, Examination and Treatment of Pelvic Girdle Pain - Including the development and implementation of European Guidelines, Britt Stuge

The Margie Polden Lecture - Prolapse: the role of physiotherapy in its management and prevention, Diane Stark

Presentations of Scientific Projects and Studies

** Workshops    **

Workshop 1:    Overactive bladder, Petra Voorham

Workshop 2:    Male incontinence, Irmina Nahon

Workshop 3:    Fecal incontinence, Jenneke Kalkdijk and Bary Berghmans

Workshop 4:    Pain CPPS, Fetske Hogen Esch

Workshop 5:    Stress Urinary Incontinence, Kari Bo

Workshop 6:    Incontinence in the elderly, Jacqueline de Jong/Mirian Kraco

Workshop 7:    Clinical considerations of electromyography, Stephanie Maddil

Workshop 8:    Defecation Disorders, Julia Herbert

Workshop 9:    Sexual dysfunction in women’s health, Claudine Domoney/Kate Lough

Workshop10:   Biomechanics of the pelvic floor, Els Bakker/Peter Meyers

Workshop 11:  Pelvic organ prolapse, Helena Frawley

Workshop 12:  Pregnancy, Siv Morkved

Workshop 13:  Male sexual disorders, Marijke Van Kampen/Grace Dorey

Workshop 14:  Painful intercourse and pelvic floor, Beth Shelly

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