11th Physiotherapy Round Table Beijing 2012


13:30 to 21:00, Sunday, 14 October 2012

Organised by Fetske Hogen Esch, Jacqueline de Jong, Marijke Van Kampen

The 11th Annual Physiotherapy Round table at the ICS Annual meeting Beijing China took place on Sunday 14 October 2012 from 13:30 to 21:00

The Physiotherapy Roundtable Subcommittee - Fetske Hogen Esch and Marijke Van Kampen (Jacqueline de Jong was unable to attend) welcomed about 50 physiotherapists from all over the world. The event was sponsored by CSA TENA.  Helena Frawley, chair of the Physiotherapy Committee gave an overview of the work of the committee:  the function of the committee (communication, scientific &research and education & professional development) and the activities. Melanie Moran joined the physiotherapy committee this year and Mirian Kraco was thanked for her service to the committee over the past 3 years. 
Marijke Slieker, member of the ICS Education Committee gave an overview of the ICS educational courses around the world (Jakarta, Argentina, Cape Town, Manila) and will bring workshop proposals for next year to the annual meeting in Barcelona.

Scientific presentations this year were (handouts), this information can be found [online][2].

-Low back pain and urinary incontinence by Mary Leung, China; Prevalence of UI was 78% in women with recurrent LBP (93 out of 119 patients with LBP have UI as well). Women with low back pain are associated with 6.771 times higher chance of getting urinary incontinence to those without low back pain.

-Prospective study on Treatment of Chronic Constipation with multidisciplinary  Rehabilitative Program in Chinese patients by Brigitte Fung, China;  Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation Program is useful in the treatment of chronic constipation: increase in stool frequency per week, decrease in straining time, increase in fiber intake, decrease in straining level, improvement in PFM co-ordination, decreased activity of the anal muscle on pushing, increase in patient satisfaction.

-Toilet training by Alexandra Vermandel, Belgium. There is a lack of high-quality research to guide clinicians in advising parents and guardians on how to toilet train their children. The management needs a rational, scientifically sound basis. The first step to improve the state of TT research is to standardize definitions.

-Anal incontinence in first time mothers by Hege Hølmo Johannessen, Norway. The prevalence of anal and urinary incontinence was significantly reduced from late pregnancy to 6 and 12 months post partum.

-What goes up must come down? An analysis of the Periform(r) Plus intravaginal sensor with indicator using simultaneous Ultrasound imaging and Surface Electromyography in healthy continent women. Under supervision of Ruth Maher, Amy Bearinger and Brittany Cobb presented This pilot study showed that the direction of the indicator on the Periform Plus did not always correlate with the direction of displacement on US imaging during PFM contractions. Increases in IAP was noticeable – indicating the participants used different strategies in different positions to perform a PFM contraction.


The State of the Art Lecture was presented by Chantal Dumoulin, Helena Frawley, Doreen Mc Clurg: Adherence of physical therapy of the pelvic floor. Based on the pre- congress ICS in Glasgow 2011, they hope to finish 4 articles on adherence this year.
-Adherence to pelvic floor muscle training – definition of and theories behind strategies to promote adherence.

-Determinants of pelvic floor muscle training (PFMT) adherence: Review of the evidences and expert opinions from the 2011 ICS/Physiotherapy Committee’s State-of-the-science Seminar.

-The participant’s perspective on pelvic floor muscle training (PFMT) adherence determinants: Review of the evidences and expert opinion from the 2011 ICS/Physiotherapy Committee’s State-of-the-science seminar.

-Responses to ICS web-based survey investigating adherence to pelvic floor muscle training: clinicians’ and patients’ perspectives.

The meeting continued with 7 group workshops lead by physiotherapists covering a wide range of PT topics. Each leader presented a case report and lead discussion of evidenced based evaluation and treatment. Topics of the workshops were male incontinence, prolapse, pelvic pain, fecal incontinence, stress urinary incontinence, pregnancy and childbirth and overactive bladder. Thanks to Marijke Slieker, Helena Frawley, Marijke Van Kampen, Inge Geraerts, Fetske Hogen Esch, Barry Berghmans, Chantal Dumoulin, Siv Morkved and Petra Voorham for leading a workshop.

We ended with a nice buffet and talking, talking…

High quality presentations, stimulating discussions, networking and reconnection with old friends made this meeting a tremendous success. We would like to thank all the organizers and speakers for this successful meeting.

Handouts can be found on the ICS Physiotherapy [website  ][2]


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