11th Physiotherapy Round Table Programme


11th Physiotherapy Round Table Programme Beijing

13:30 to 21:00 , Sunday  14 October 2012

Organised by Fetske Hogen Esch, Jacqueline de Jong, Marijke Van Kampen

Presentations of Scientific Projects and Studies. Moderator: Marijke Slieker


  • Low back pain and urinary incontinence. Mary Leung, China


Prospective study on Treatment of Chronic Constipation with multidisciplinary Rehabilitative Programme in Chinese patients. Brigitte Fung, China


Toilet training. Alexandra Vermandel, Belgium


Prevalence of low back pain in incontinent patients. Mary Leung, China


Anal incontinence in first time mothers, Hege Hølmo Johannessen, Norway


State of the Art Chantal Dumoulin/Helena Frawley/Doreen Mc Clurg: Adherence of physical therapy of the pelvic floor


Workshop 1: Male incontinence Marijke Van Kampen/Inge Geraerts

Workshop 2: Prolapse Marijke Slieker

Workshop 3: Pelvic pain Fetske Hogen Esch

Workshop 4: Faecal incontinence. Bary Berghmans

Workshop 5: Stress urinary incontinence Chantale Dumoulin

Workshop 6: Pregnancy and childbirth Siv Morkved

Workshop 7: Overactive bladder. Petra Voorham

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