Under the umbrella of the ICS Institute, ICS Schools work to serve the e-learning needs of members and provide training in designated centres of excellence

The Institute is split into 12 schools, these are:

  • School of Anorectal Dysfunction - Director: Alexis Schizas
  • School of Urogynaecology and Female & Functional Urology Director: Niko Veit-Rubin
  • School of Male LUTS and LUTD- Director: Carlos D'Ancona
  • School of Neurourology - Director: Rizwan Hamid
  • School of Nursing - Director: Sandra Enberg
  • School of Paediatric Voiding Dysfunction and Transitional Urology - Director: Jian Guo Wen
  • School of Pelvic Pain - Director: Kristine Whitmore
  • School of Physiotherapy - Directors: Cristiane Carboni & Melanie Morin as Co-Directors
  • School of Modern Technology- Director: Emre Huri
  • School of Transgender Health - Director: Ervin Kocjanic
  • School of Translational Research in Pelvic Health - Director: Karl-Erik Andersson
  • School of Urodynamics - Director: Peter Rosier

Each school houses the following content, where applicable:

  • ICS TV videos - State of the art, Education Module, Educational, Abstract, Workshop
  • Annual meeting - Abstracts, Workshops, State of the Art Lectures, Roundtable discussions, webcasts and highlights
  • Terminology reports

The ICS Institute houses all ICS educational activities and provides a single access point for users to access educational materials. This means that is now even easier for members to find content relevant to their interests and needs.

Accessible on any device you can now view the latest content from ICS wherever and whenever you need it! Keep visiting the Institute as new content will continually be added throughout the year.

Additional videos can be found on the ICS TV.

Early Career Professionals

Are you in the early stages of your career? Why not check out our dedicated portal for Early Career Professionals?! This is a one stop shop for all of your educational needs. We also have dedicated pages for members training in the following specialities: urology, urogynaecology, nursing, physiotherapy, colorectal/bowel and pure & applied science.

ICS Early Careers

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