Incontinence and Continence Care in Nursing Homes: What we can Learn from the Social Sciences

State of the Art Lecture

Tuesday 8th December 2020
10:00 - 11:30
15/06/2024 02:11:09

With ICS experts Joan Ostaszkiewicz and Tiina Vaittinen.

Drawing on research from the social sciences, this webinar offers fresh new insights into continence care in nursing homes. Coming from different disciplinary backgrounds, each presenter shares findings from their in-depth qualitative research conducted in nursing homes. They show how good continence care is not simply about managing incontinence, but about fine-tuned professional skills of seeking to listen to and identify the client’s needs – particularly when the client can no longer express their preferences, values and goals for care. While emphasising the client’s right to a good quality of life, safety, privacy and dignity, they debate the limits of privileging nursing home residents’ self-care abilities, independence and choice. They call for nurses to value fundamental care and to take the lead in reframing dirty work as dignity work – to identify as protectors of residents’ dignity. Note this session will be 1.5 hours and will be available to watch straight away, on demand if you cannot watch live.