Pfizer International Fellowships

Pfizer International Fellowships

As part of the ICS Fellowship programme, we are now offering “Pfizer International Fellowships” which was made possible through an educational grant from Pfizer. These are for short term placements for up to one month, with an award of $5,000. Previously we have not offered a fellowship for less than one month, but with Pfizer’s support we are now able to provide this.

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Many early career practitioners in associated areas of clinical and research medicine lack the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills in either clinical or academic specialist practice. The Pfizer International Fellowships will allow early career practitioners to visit an accredited specialist centre to avail themselves of expertise which would be very difficult to obtain in other circumstances. All applicants must be ICS members when submitting their application and can only receive an award once.

There are four types of fellowships, all of which offer up to $5,000 for short term placements of up to 1 month.

The deadline for applications is 1st May. If you have any further queries please email

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