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Convenor: Manfred Stohrer

Scientific Chair: Guus Kramer

The meeting was held in the Heidelberg Town Hall. It was a historic venue although space for the trade exhibition was rather tight. Many delegates stayed in accommodation peripheral to the city and travelled to the venue by coach. There were 8 Satellite symposia.

Spanish speaking delegates met for a separate session before ICS started as they did from time to time. The first Physiotherapy Round Table was held there and has continued on an annual basis since.

The Welcome Ceremony was held in the historic Heidelberg Castle with such spectacular fireworks it was a reminder of the ignition of the gunpowder store that took out one of the 3 towers of the Castle in the 17th century!

SOA lectures were incorporated into a Neurourology Forum with:

  • Clare Fowler, discussing neuroanatomy and physiology
  • Helmut Madersbacher and Udo Jonas reviewed diagnosis and therapy.
  • Jan van Gool argued that Renal damage in children with spinal bifida is preventable
  • Atsuo Kondo suggested that we need a subspecialty of Geriatric Urology
  • Richard Millard reviewed surgical approaches
  • JJ Wyndaele reviewed non-surgical approaches to management

The Scientific Programme also included a Paediatric Forum chaired by Rien Nijman, and Henri Lottmann.

The Gala dinner dance was held in the old Town Hall.

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