6 and 12 Month Results from OrBIT Trial Comparing Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation (PTNS) vs. Extended-Release Tolterodine

Peters K1, MacDiarmid S2, Wooldridge L3, Leong F C4, Shobeiri S A5, Rovner E6, Siegel S7, Tate S8, Faegins B9

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Detrusor Overactivity

Abstract 242
Neuromodulation (Basic & Clinical)
Scientific Podium Poster Session 26
Saturday 3rd October 2009
14:15 - 14:20
Hall D
1. William Beaumont Hospital, 2. Alliance Urology Specialists, 3. Mercy Health Partners, 4. St. Louis University, 5. University of Oklahoma, 6. Medical University of South Carolina, 7. Metro Urology, 8. University of Louisville, 9. Dallas Center for Pelvic Medicine

Kenneth Peters