Sacral Neuromodulation for Dysfunctional Voiders

Workshop 1

Aims & Objectives

90 minutes
Neurourology: Clinical
Sacral Neuromodulation Voiding dysfunction OAB
Helath care practioners handling patients with voiding dysfunction with SNM
  1. Identification of patients who benefit from sacral Neuromodulation SNM
  2. Technical aspects of proper screening for patients using Percutaneous Nerve Evaluation. Hand-on presentation on pelvic mannequins for the most adequate way of selecting the proper sacral foramen. The application of temporary electrodes and wire connection.
  3. Programming of the implantable generator. Trouble shooting algorithm for “non-responders’ among implanted patients.
  4. Operative techniques with special reference to best practice techniques.
  5. Case presentation: Members of the audience are welcome to present cases . Members of the panel will be sharing their experience with special cases such as pregnancy with SNM, role of MRI in patients with SNM.