Trainee Session

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The ICS is pleased to announce a new session at ICS 2013; the session will be for trainees, students and fellows. We have prepared a relaxed session with a combination of lectures and presentations which we think will be of great interest to those just starting their careers. Young ICS members will present lectures relating to research which will be followed by presentations from those with non-discussion posters who then receive feedback on their presentation skills, slides and scientific content.

The session will be followed by the ICS Welcome Reception in the conference centre.

The session is free of charge but pre-registration is required. Please contact Ms. Daniela Bloch at to register. We welcome ICS members and non-members from all disciplines who have graduated or completed their education in their specialty field within the last 5 years.

How to submit a paper for this session:

If your abstract has been accepted as a non-discussion poster then please e-mail the office by 1 July 2013 advising us of your abstract tracking number. All received abstracts will then be re-selected for presentation. If your abstract is re-selected you will be asked to present for 7 minutes which will be followed by 5 minutes of feedback.

16:00Introduction and Welcome – accompanied by tea/coffeeAdrian Wagg -ICS Board of Trustees
16:05The dos and don’ts of abstract submissionKari Tikkinen and Rufus Cartwright
16:25ICS Trainees Abstracts ForumPanel of multidisciplinary ICS Experts
17:45What the ICS has to offerFrederico Furriel
17:50Open DiscussionAll

Experts’ Names and Field of Expertise: