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Dr Rufus Cartwright
Imperial College London

ICS 2023

Open Discussion Session 19 Open Discussion ePosters 485 Predictors of vaginal laxity and sexual function in a multi-ethnic population: a cross-sectional study

ICS 2019

Non Discussion Abstract Session 37 Non Discussion Abstract 823 Impact of Bulkamid urethral bulking on LUTS in women

ICS 2015

Open Discussion Poster Session 9 Open Discussion Poster 147 Pleiotropic effects of putative stress and urgency urinary incontinence genetic risk variants on other lower urinary tract symptoms

Open Discussion Poster Session 9 Open Discussion Poster 156 Replication of prior candidate susceptibility genes for stress and urgency incontinence in a genome wide association study

Oral ePoster Session 31 Biomarkers and Molecular Mechanisms 459 Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) gene expression in human bladder

ICS 2014

Podium Poster Session 39 Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms in Women 2 622 Lower urinary tract symptom clusters among care-seeking women

Podium Session 46 Stress Urinary Incontinence Treatment 690 Genome-wide association study in 8,997 women, identifies novel genetic variants at five genomic loci associated with stress and urgency urinary incontinence

ICS 2013

Podium Poster Session 13 LUTS in Women 1 126 Is “asymptomatic” bacteriuria always asymptomatic? Associations between individual female lower urinary tract symptoms and sub-clinical bacterial infection in random urine samples

Podium Poster Session 27 Pelvic Organ Prolapse 2 243 Prevalence and risk factors for symptomatic pelvic organ prolapse using the ICIQ-Vaginal Symptoms questionnaire: results from the TwinsUK adult twin registry

Podium Poster Session 31 Faecal Incontinence 286 Routine Versus Restrictive Episiotomy for Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injury: Metaregression of Randomised Controlled Trials

Non Discussion Poster Session 34 353 Associations between urinary Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor and individual lower urinary tract symptoms in women

Non Discussion Poster Session 34 432 The effect of variation in body mass index on lower urinary tract symptoms in women: causal estimates from a Mendlelian Randomization approach

ICS 2011

Podium Poster Session 6 Male Lower Urinary Tract and Surgery 60 Seasonal Variation In Urinary Frequency, Nocturia, and Other Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms in Men and Women


Podium Poster Session 14 Clinical and Basic Neurourology 121 Whole genome gene expression in bladder tissue from women with detrusor overactivity

Podium Session 22 Pelvic Floor 207 Fetomaternal BMI – A novel ultrasound predictor of obstetric anal sphincter injury

ICS 2009

Podium Poster Session 14 Epidemiology 146 Ethnicity and socioeconomic status are significant independent risk factors for obstetric anal sphincter injury

Podium Poster Session 28 Pregnancy/Childbirth & Outcome 256 Residency and risk of obstetric anal sphincter injury in migrant South Asian women

Non Discussion Poster Session 32 574 Reliability and validity of fluoroscopic cough stress testing

Podium Poster Session 7 LUTS in Women I 67 Screening tools for voiding difficulties in women: a comparison of the ICIQ-FLUTS and the modified IPSS questionnaires

ICS 2008

Podium Poster Session 16 Paediatric Urology / Overactive Bladder 134 Patient-selected goals in overactive bladder: a placebo controlled randomised double-blind trial of transdermal oxybutynin for the treatment of urgency and urge incontinence

Non Discussion Poster Session 19 304 Reliability and normal ranges for the Patients' Perception of Intensity of Urgency Scale (PPIUS) in asymptomatic women

Non Discussion Poster Session 19 305 What we talk about when we talk about urgency: a survey of usage of ICS standardised terminology

ICS 2007

Podium Poster Session 4 Lifestyle:Room: Jurriaanse Zaal - Chairs: Katherine Moore & Ulli Haase 19 Does Diet Coke cause overactive bladder? A 4-way crossover trial, investigating the effect of carbonated soft drinks on overactive bladder symptoms in normal volunteers

Non Discussion Abstract Session 19 Read By Title 312 Estimation of bladder volume in normal volunteers

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Rufus Cartwright

ICS Member (Expired)

Qualifications:Trainee PhD
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Rufus Cartwright is a urogynaecology trainee in
gynaecology from Oxford, UK. He has
worked as a research fellow for Linda
Cardozo at King’s College London, and
for Vik Khullar at Imperial College
London, on topics in the clinical,
classical and genetic epidemiology of
pelvic floor disorders. He serves as an
editor for BJOG: An International
Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and for the International Urogynecology Journal.

Dr Rufus Cartwright declared on the Tuesday 6th February 2024 that they did not have any existing or known future financial relationships or affiliations to disclose (NONE).