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Educational Courses

Educational Courses

In 2004 the ICS General Secretary, Walter Artibani decided on a new type of stand-alone meeting, aimed at younger medical professionals who were less likely to attend a full annual meeting. These ICS Educational Courses were designed to be at minimal cost, subsidised by the ICS, with a comprehensive 2 day educational programme. Another aim for these courses was that they be held in regions of the world that were less likely to have a full Annual Meeting, so as to further the educational aims of the ICS as a Charity.

The Education Committee Chair, Linda Cardozo was tasked with the challenge of taking the ICS message to a world audience of younger medical professionals following in the ICS multi-disciplinary tradition. With the first course in Barcelona in 2005, ICS Educational Courses have been extremely well attended and continue to showcase the highest standards in education, best practice and evidence based medicine, with speakers selected from the most respected opinion leaders in Continence. With 3 courses per year in addition to the Annual Meeting, ICS Education remains a core goal of the ICS with truly global reach.

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