The ICS Affiliate Organisation Partnership


ICS Affiliate Organisation Programme

Any international, national or regional organisation who has a focus or interest in the field of incontinence may apply by application for affiliation with ICS. As the only international multi-disciplinary society that focuses solely on incontinence, the ICS is seeking affiliation with other organisations in order to enhance management of incontinence care.

Depending on the chosen payment option (see below) benefits of affiliation include the following:

  • Online access to the Journal Neurourology and Urodynamics (N & U)
  • Substantial reduction in registration for our annual meeting
  • Opportunities to publicise activities and events on our website and in eNews.
  • Plus much more, see more benefits

In addition the affiliate society logo will be placed on the ICS website with links. Plus there will be opportunity to publicise activities and events in ICS E-news.

Applications will be reviewed by the ICS Board of Trustees, and a response will be given within 30 days. A minimum of 30 paying members are required. A society representing a small nation/interest group may apply for exception to this minimal number requirement.

The ICS membership year runs from January to December but the actual open subscription time may vary as the annual membership is closed one week before the annual meeting.

A list of prospective members names and details must be provided to the ICS office in the agreed format via excel spreadsheet. On receipt the ICS office will identify any duplications and arrange for a personal refund to that member. Once the database has been compiled an invoice will be issued by the ICS office directly to the society which must be payable within 30 days. The society may wish to split the members subscription depending on when their membership deadline falls and this can be agreed directly with the ICS office. However once the ICS membership closes for that year no further affiliate members can join. For those societies who are unable to co-ordinate membership on behalf of their members, we are now able to offer the use of a discount code, unique to that society. Members can join or renew and pay for their discounted membership online, using this code. The ICS office will monitor membership numbers and forward reports on a regular basis.

Affiliate Costs per Member

Affiliate Membership TypeN & U SubscriptionDiscountFinal Cost
No Journal£35£65
Nurse/Physio/Early Career Prof.£15£55
Nurse/Physio/Early Career Prof. No Journal£20£50
Developing World£15£55
Developing World No Journal£20£50

ICS membership is defined with the ICS Bylaws. An affiliate society must ensure that all its members are aware of the ICS Bylaws and Code of Conduct.

If an Affiliate Society would like to make the N & U its official journal, the following policies will apply:

  • 80% of membership need to agree to sign up to full access to the Journal
  • N & U will include the logo of the Affiliate Society in the Journal

To make your Society an affiliate member of the ICS please complete the affiliate application form.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the ICS office at

13/10/2021 14:17:02

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