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How to evaluate the extension and involvement of the male urethral stricture?
Incontinence and Continence Care in Nursing Homes: What we can Learn from the Social Sciences
Physical Therapy Management of IC/BPS: AUA Guidelines Compared to EAU Guidelines
Management of Female Urethral Obstruction
Quality in Urodynamic Testing
Assessing and Managing Older People with LUTS
The Patients Dilemma: Fears for COVID-19 for Neurogenic Bladder Complications
Continence Nursing during the COVID-19 Pandemic - Adjustments and Implications for the Future
Vaginoplasty: An Interactive Update on Gender Affirming Surgery
Uterine Preservation in Pelvic Organ Prolapse Surgery - Elective Surgery and Patient Choice
Anatomic Tips and Trick of Female/Functional Urologic Surgery - Live and Cadaveric Experiences
10 Pearls for Differential Diagnosis of Pain in all Genders
Are there Alternative Exercises to Pelvic Floor Muscle Training to Treat Female Stress Urinary Incontinence?
Advances in Neuromodulation: Complex Clinical Cases
The Laparoscopic/Robotic Sacrocolpopexy for the Management of POP
10 Pearls for Managing Chronic Pelvic Pain in Patients with Mesh Complications
Laboratory lockdown – keeping the team connected and progressing the science.
Current challenges in neuromodulation for Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction
School of Modern Technology: Post-prostatectomy incontinence and technology-based approach - a case based discussion
Oab and nocturia in the time of Covid19 pandemic
Female & Functional Urology in the COVID Era
Discussion on Autologous Fascial Slings
Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms: An Issue-Based Discussion : Focus on critical issues that trouble the clinician!
How to manage your neurourology patients in the current pandemic – a case based discussion
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Reintegration into the Community
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ICI 2008 - Chapter 18 Fistulas in the Developing World
Female Genital Mutilation
Public Awareness
Obstetric Fistula in the Developing World: An Introduction
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Neomedic - Current Concept in Male Sling Surgery Adjustability
Laborie - Macroplastique Tried and True
Boston Scientific - Reducing AMS 800TM patient time in the OR and Hospital
Autologous Pubovaginal Sling Palma
Anterior Colporrhaphy
Paravaginal Repair and Anterior Colporrhaphy
Anterior Repair with Fascia Lata
Paravaginal Cystocele Repair
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Autologous Apical Sling
High Midline Levator Myorrhaphy
Sacral Colpopexy with Fascia Lata Robotic
Hashim Hashim: Overactive Bladder Diagnosis & Treatment
Jen Pinkstone : Terminology, Diagnosis & Treatment including pelvic floor physiotherapy
Marcus Drake: Terminology, Diagnosis & Treatment including pelvic floor physiotherapy
Chendrimada Madhu: Anatomy of the pelvis and pelvic floor
Hashim Hashim: Introduction
Bilateral Colpopexy with Fistula Repair
Paravaginal Repair Laparoscopic
Anterior Vaginal Wall Suspension
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Are we meeting the needs of older people with nocturnal LUTS?
Neurodegenerative disease's impact on bladder function: a multidisciplinary approach in diagnosis, treatment and improving quality of life
Radiotherapy of cervical and endometrial cancer – prevention and management of lower urinary tract, vaginal, vulvar and pelvic floor dysfunction in cancer survivors
The need for raising health and incontinence literacy