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5 ICS Education Registration at ICS 2012, Beijing
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5.5.1 School of Male LUTS and Urethra Male
5.5.2 School of Pelvic Pain Pelvic Pain
5.5.3 School of Translational Research in Pelvic Health Translational Research
5.5.4 School of Anorectal Dysfunction Anorectal Dysfunction
5.5.5 School of Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery Female
5.5.6 School of Urodynamics Urodynamics
5.5.7 School of Neurourology Neurourology
5.5.8 School of Physiotherapy Physiotherapy
5.5.9 School of Nursing Nursing
5.5.10 School of Paediatric Voiding Dysfunction and Transitional Urology Paediatric
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5.7.2 ICI Books ICI Books 6th ICI Book 6th ICI Book 5th ICI Book (2013) 5th ICI Book (2013) 4th ICI Book (2009) ICI 2009 3rd ICI Book (2005) ICI 2005 2nd ICI Book (2002) ICI 2002
5.7.3 Abstracts Abstracts
5.7.4 Terminology Terminology
5.7.5 Standardisation and Terminology Reports Reports
5.7.6 Neurourology and Urodynamics (Wiley) Neurourology and Urodynamics
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6.12 ICS Awards, Fellowships & Grants Awards & Fellowships
6.12.1 Abstract Awards Cara Tannenbaum presenting abstract award 2015
6.12.2 Conference Travel Award ICS Conference Travel Award
6.12.3 Fellowships ICS Scholarship winner 2015 Neurourology Fellowship 2012 Neurourology Fellowship: Dr Ali Hassan with Fellowship host Prof. Helmut Madersbacher Urodynamics Fellowship ICS Urodynamics Fellowship 2011 Pfizer International Fellowships Scholarship
6.12.4 Research Grants - not available for 2017 Research Grants
6.12.5 Lifetime Achievement Lifetime Achievement LINDA CARDOZO Linda Cardozo Award Kari Bo Kari Bo receiving award from Adrian Wagg Derek Griffiths Derek Griffiths and wife Mary, courtesy of Helen O'Connell Karl-Erik Andersson Karl-Erik Andersson Eric Glen Eric receiving his award at the ICS 2012 Annual Conference. Jo Laycock Jo receiving her award at the ICS 2011 Annual Conerence. Paul Abrams Paul (left) traveling to present at an ICS Education Course.
6.12.6 Honorary Membership Honorary Membership
6.13 ICS Committees Education Committee Meeting, January 2013, Chicago
6.13.1 ICS Board of Trustees ICS Board of Trustees
6.13.2 ICS Children and Young Adult's Committee ICS Children and Young Adult's Committee
6.13.3 ICS Developing World ICS Developing World
6.13.4 ICS Education Committee ICS Education Committee
6.13.5 ICS Ethics Committee ICS Ethics Committee
6.13.6 ICS Meetings Committee ICS Meetings Committee
6.13.7 ICS Neuro-urology Promotion Committee ICS Neuro-urology Promotion Committee
6.13.8 ICS Nursing Committee ICS Nursing Committee
6.13.9 ICS Physiotherapy Committee ICS Physiotherapy Committee
6.13.10 ICS Publications & Communications Committee ICS Publications & Communications Committee
6.13.11 ICS Standardisation Steering Committee ICS Standardisation Steering Committee
6.13.12 ICS Scientific Committee ICS Scientific Committee
6.13.13 ICS Strategic Review Board ICS Strategic Review Board
6.13.14 ICS Terms of Reference Committee
6.13.15 ICS Urodynamics Committee ICS Urodynamics Committee
6.13.16 How to Join an ICS Committee How to Join an ICS Committee
7 About ICS
7.1 History of the International Continence Society Formal adoption of the ICS Logo. ICS Standardisation Committee Meeting, Copenhagen October 1976 Left to Right: Derek Griffiths, Hansjorg Melchior,Norman Zinner, Art Sterling, Tage Hald, Eric Glen, David Rowan, Patrick Bates
7.2 Annual Meetings A popular workshop at an ICS Annual Meeting
7.3 Educational Courses Speakers and Delegates at an Educational Course, Sao Paulo, Brazil
7.4 Membership Membership
7.5 Staff ICS Office Staff with Adrian Wagg, September 2014
7.6 Board of Trustees ICS Board of Trustees, February 2016, London
7.7 ICS Articles and Bylaws Bylaws
7.8 Strategic Plan Strategic Plan
7.9 Media & Press ICS Press Conference, Beijing 2012
7.9.1 The ICS Brand Brand
7.9.2 Contact Press Office Contact Press Office
7.9.3 Press Releases Press Releases
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7.10.1 Continence Organisations Worldwide Continence Organisations Worldwide
7.10.2 ICS Fact Sheets ICS Fact Sheets
7.10.3 Continence Products Advisor Continence Product Advisor People Products Worldwide Reference About Contact
7.10.4 World Continence Week WCW WCW Resource Pack WCW 2010 Chicago USA Continence Foundation of Australia, WCW 2011 WCW USA 2012 WCW 2013 Your Healthcare UK UK Cochrane Centre UK Cochrane Centre WCW 2014 WCW 2015 Australia Continence Foundation of Australia WCW 2010 WCW 2010 Canada The German Continence Society 2011 WCW Canada 2012 World Continence Week Romania 2013 Urodynamic, Neurourology & Female Urology (UNUFU) Eastern Health Nurse Continence Advisors, Canada EHNCA, Canada WCW 2010 Japan WCW 2009 The Urological Association of Northern Greece 2011 WCW Singapore 2012 WCW 2013 "Talk about Incontinence" - A problem in anyone's language. Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, England WCW 2010 Poland WCD 2008 WCW Canada 2011 WCW Korea 2012 WCW 2013 Kimassol, Cyprus Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, England WCW 2010 China WCW 2011 WCW Poland 2012 World Continence Week Poland Alberta Health Services WCW 2010 Germany WCW 2012 Horizon Health Network, Canada WCW 2010 Texas, USA WCW 2013 WCW 2014 WCW 2014 WCW 2015
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