F2. Patients case: Complex mixed urinary incontinence #2


Watch the full conversation. Urodynamics Under the Lens: Specialist Dialogues in Urodynamics 2: The Role of Urodynamics in Female Stress Urinary Incontinence. Melissa Kaufman and Tufan Tarcan.

Filming and production of these videos has been funded by Laborie. The views and opinions expressed in the videos are those of the featured experts and not necessarily those of the ICS or Laborie. Disclosures are available in each expert's ICS profile.

The ‘Urodynamics Under the Lens’ video series explores the role, benefits and optimal usage of urodynamics from the personal perspectives of a range of experts in the field. Over recent years, opposing viewpoints in the literature about the value of urodynamics in functional urology have made this a confusing topic for many. This video series aims to dispel misconceptions and encourage reflection. Future videos will include specialist dialogues on the application of urodynamics in specific settings, explore quality assurance in urodynamic practice and provide accessible explanatory content aimed at patients.

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