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Find out more about ICS Observerships and how to apply

The ICS observership awards are designed to provide a range of opportunities for continence specialists (of any profession) to gain specialist bladder/bowel skills in research, clinical practice or education at expert centres.


In keeping with the objectives of the ICS priority will be given to members from less economically developed countries, allied and non-medical health professionals, and members in training. However each application will be judged on their merits and the funding available. The final decision rests with the observership awards panel. The award can only be received once.

All applications must be submitted by the 1st May.

Pfizer Observerships

As part of the ICS Observership programme, we are offering “Pfizer International Observerships” which was made possible through an educational grant from Pfizer.

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There are four types of observerships, all of which offer up to $5,000 for short term placements of up to 1 month. It is the responsibility of the applicant to seek their own host centre, with the exception of the Neurourology Observership, where we provide dedicated host centres.


Applicants for all observerships need to:

  • Be members of the ICS (for at least one year)
  • Complete the application form for the proposed award

Please note: Observership applications for 2024 has now closed.

Previous winners reports

Click here to read about previous fellowship/observership winners experiences.

Hosting - how to become a centre of excellence (Neurourology centres only)

Offering observership places at your institution showcases your expertise in your field and brings enthusiastic members to your team, eager to share knowledge around the world.

To offer your institution as a host please click here for the application form

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