Neurourology Observership

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Neurourology Observership

Find out more about ICS Neurourology Observerships and how to apply

ICS Observership schemes offer the opportunity for candidates to learn from experts in their fields at an international centre of excellence.

The objectives of the Observership in Neuro-urology are:

  • To describe the basis of neuro anatomy of the lower urinary tract (LUT)
  • To learn to classify the steps of management for the most commonly encountered neurological conditions responsible for neurogenic bladders such as: SCI, MS, Parkinson disease, congenital cord malformations, and strokes.
  • To perform a (video) Urodynamic study, to describe its indications and to interpret it.
  • To describe the non surgical methods of bladder emptying (CIC, indwelling catheters, Crede ) and storage (physio, time voiding, bladder drills, behavioural modifications, etc)
  • To be able to assess the value of electrostimulation/modulation in these diseases.
  • To describe the technique, indications, results, pitfalls and risks of the use of Botulinum toxin.
  • To describe the indications, techniques and role of surgery in the management of neuron bladders (stents, sphincterotomies, bladder augmentations, derivations, etc.

Host Centres

Centre Fellowship Chair
London, UK Jalesh Panicker
Montreal, Canada Jacques Corcos & Lysanne Campeau
Ghent, Belgium Karel Everaert
Paris, France Emmanuel Chartier-Kastler
Innsbruck, Austria Achim Herms
Zurich, Switzerland Thomas M. Kessler

Deadline for all applications is 1st May.

Previous Reports
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