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ICS is proud to publish this new second edition of the classic medical-physics handbook Urodynamics: The Mechanics and Hydrodynamics of the Lower Urinary Tract by Derek Griffiths, originally published in 1980.

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The aim of this concise introduction to urodynamics is to describe the extent to which clinical observations can be accounted for by simple mechanical concepts, in order to enable medical physicists and bioengineers to interpret their observations of complex pressures and flows in the bladder and urethra. The peculiarities of flow in highly distensible tubes are described, and an explanation of the mechanical behaviour of smooth muscle is given. A prior medical or physiological knowledge is not assumed.

"ICS is extremely grateful for the opportunity to republish this seminal work by Dr. Derek Griffiths, one of ‘the greats’ in the field. This textbook remains an essential resource for those with either a clinical or research interest in hydrodynamics of the lower urinary tract and multi-channel, pressure subtracted cystometry which was used by many senior ICS members during their training."

The ICS Board of Trustees would like to thank Derek Griffiths and Pfizer Canada Inc for their support.

17/04/2024 09:39:13  18932
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