Sanjay Sinha


Neurourology Promotion Committee Chair Applicant


NUPC aims to “assist centres requesting help, in the set-up, development and promotion of Neurourology”. While laudable, this goal is under-whelming. It suggests that there is one ‘privileged’ part of the world that has solved its problems and has now taken upon itself the role of helping the rest.
Nothing could be farther from the truth.

There are equally challenging, but radically different goals for NUPC in different parts of the world. • High-risk nLUTD leads to avoidable loss of kidneys in parts of the world mostly unconnected with ICS. Will ICS wait eternally for those communities to reach out?• Low-risk nLUTD is a wrecking ball in slow motion in affluent countries with an ageing population. Are those communities really geared up to manage its consequences?
While we quibble about miniscule differences between infection rates of single-use and multiple-use catheters, for large sections of the world single-use catheters might imply omission of antimuscarinics or skipping meals. And can affluent communities afford the lifetime environmental cost of 160,000 catheters per patient indefinitely?

Some initiatives to make NUPC more relevant:

  • Structure NUPC functioning to focus on above two areas at every step
  • Pursue the Global Neuro-urology Initiative for high-risk nLUTD that I proposed 2 years ago but which has been languishing
  • Create another Global Neuro-urology Initiative targeting low-risk nLUTD in ageing population in affluent countries. Of note, industry is likely to be interested in this initiative
  • Reach out to Neurology, Neurosurgery, Pediatric Surgery, and Orthopedic Associations with a proposal for ICS workshop in their congress.
  • Launch an ICS competition for high-quality reviews on two subjects (high-risk and low-risk nLUTD) each year. Winning manuscripts to be published in Continence Journal (with peer review at the final steps). Invite sponsors for associating their name.
  • Initiate NUPC manuscripts targeting the two focus areas


I bring enthusiasm for work, passion for the subject and (perhaps) a different perspective.


  1. Nine publications on Neuro-urology
  2. ICS Best Abstract Award at Gothenburg for paper on Neuro-urology


  1. Chaired Urological Society of India (USI) Urinary Incontinence Guidelines
  2. Associate Editor: Indian Journal Urology, BMC Urology, SIU Journal.
  3. Editorial Board: Neurourology Urodynamics, International Urogynecology Journal, Current Bladder Dysfunction Reports.
  4. National Chair, Functional and Female Urology Section, USI.
  5. Urodynamics chapter 7th ICI
  6. Chaired IUGA International Exchange Sub-committee 2011-2015.
  7. Member of NUPC, ICS for 3yrs

Experience: 1. Workshop on UTI in nLUTD at ICS-2020
2. Several workshops at both ICS and IUGA
3. Organized programs on Neuro-urology at national and global level


  1. Track record of completing commitments. Promised three manuscripts at ICS Vienna. One is pre-publication, one in final stage of ICS approval and third in advanced preparation (Rare Neuro-urological Part-II).
  2. Have track record of collaborative work.
  1. Seven global collaborative publications (three as first author, two Cochrane reviews).
  2. Organized academic programs in several countries as Chair of IUGA Exchange Sub-Committee
  3. Initiated a Joint ICS and Vattikuti Foundation Teaching program on Neurogenic Bladder, 2021

Elections 2023

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