Elise J. B. De


Trustee Applicant

Mission statement

The ICS has resourced me to be a better physician since my first exposure in 2005. I derived skills and confidence as an early career member, and inspiration and creativity mid-career. At this juncture, applying to the Board of Trustees, I aim to help the ICS reach colleagues at all levels of expertise with high quality ICS education and discourse. Our members’ needs may be checking in or defining standards of care, learning or teaching new skills, warding off burnout, or amplifying academic pursuits when we turn to the ICS. My goal is that the ICS delivers on all these needs, across training and discipline. My main initiative as a Board of Trustee Member would be fostering “Meaningful Work” among colleagues – that work we most look forward to in our daily practice. Whether it is teaching, research, patient care, or invention, working together across disciplines will improve discourse, efficiency and quality of work. For example, we could provide practice resources for patient care, such as www.facingpelvicpain.org. Would could provide IRB proposal mentorship through the mentorship program, and seed funding initiative. Hands-on multidisciplinary on-site or virtual training for developing continence centers. Whatever new initiatives we prioritize in line with the mission of the ICS, the ICS is uniquely positioned to improve care for functional pelvic health across the world. The ICS grounds us in why we do what we do, and how to do it best, in collaboration with our colleagues across disciplines and countries.

Skills, abilities and experience

As Chair of the Education Committee and Ethics Committee Member, I have a great deal of experience leading within the ICS and forming alliances across societies. As faculty for AUA, SUFU, IUGA, PACS, IPPS, SIU, SINUG, and more I have understanding of the way our societies work and interrelate. As Medical Director of Multidisciplinary Pelvic Health at my home institution, I also understand our needs at a patient-care level. I understand the value of healthy, respectful discourse where creative thought is encouraged and structure maintained. Through these interpersonal strategies our teams in the ICS best accomplish high value, innovative, responsible educational initiatives. For example, ICS TV and Online education were poised, creative, and successfully applied throughout the complexity of the last 2 years. I aim to further optimize communication among committees and with membership, expanding member-based initiatives, for example the Global Neurourology Initiative. The ICS’s multidisciplinary nature, the shared interest of its members in expert care for those with bladder, bowel and pelvic floor dysfunction, as well as the varied physical and cultural settings in which we provide that care render the ICS unique in the world. I will do my best to serve its mission.

Elections 2022

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