Jo Laycock

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Jo Laycock

Dr Jo Laycock has made enormous contributions to physiotherapy and continence care and has led the way in pelvic floor research so that it has become the evidence-based practice it is today. She has done this with a lightness of touch emphasizing the science whilst strengthening the science and learning. She obtained her PhD entitled “Assessment
and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction” in 1992 from the University of Bradford and was cutting edge at the time in holding a doctoral degree in Physiotherapy. In her 42 year career she has had many accomplishments including the following:

• She first attended an ICS meeting in 1985 and attended annually
until her retirement in 2005.

• She was the first physiotherapist on the ICS Board.

• She has actively contributed to pre-conference workshops and
papers at the ICS meetings.

• She was a co-author of the landmark paper: standardisation of
terminology of pelvic floor muscle function published in 2005.

She is known for her keen interest in clinical questions, critically exploring new ways of assessing and treating the pelvic floor. A great accomplishment was the development and validation of a PFM assessment tool (PERFECT Scale), currently used by many professionals worldwide. She has published extensively in the field, co-edited or contributed to several text books on continence and pelvic floor rehabilitation. For her services to continence, she was honoured by her country in 2001 when she received the prestigious Order of the British Empire (OBE) from the Queen. Dr Jo Laycock has been the catalyst in the worldwide network of pelvic floor physiotherapists. She has mentored, supported and
encouraged young researchers and clinicians pursuing careers in continence research, education or continence practice around the world. She drew the attention of the other members of our society – the surgeons, the physicians, the nurses and the engineers – to the contribution of continence physiotherapy. Many healthcare professionals working globally in continence care were trained, guided or influenced by Jo. The ICS Life Time Achievement Award is a well deserved acknowledgement of her work and impact on continence care worldwide.

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