10 Pearls for Differential Diagnosis of Pain in all Genders


26 June 2020 17:30 BST

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Join ICS experts Elise De and Charles Argoff on Friday 26th June at 17:30 BST (GMT +1). This webinar is designed to structure a concrete approach to pelvic pain, founded in the literature and guidelines, and informed by experience. The participants will be provided a structured review, highlighting important causes of pelvic pain in 9 organ systems plus systemic pain. We will discuss organ-based pain and neurological causes and conditions associated with persistent pelvic pain, including specific peripheral nerve involvement, spinal cord injury, more generalized neuropathic disorders, as well as central sensitization (widespread augmentation of sensory processing). Rheumatologic disorders and evaluation of local versus systemic pain will be explored. Treatment pearls, patient management tools and educational resources will be provided. Please see the below local times for this event:

You can join in the debate via the comments section on the ICS website and the experts about their presentation. If you can't join us live you can still add your questions in advance.

Don’t worry if you miss it live you can watch it back later!

LocationLocal TimeTime ZoneUTC Offset
London (United Kingdom - England)Friday, 26 June 2020, 17:30:00BSTUTC+1 hour
San Francisco (USA - California)Friday, 26 June 2020, 09:30:00PDTUTC-7 hours
New York (USA - New York)Friday, 26 June 2020, 12:30:00EDTUTC-4 hours
Berlin (Germany - Berlin)Friday, 26 June 2020, 18:30:00CESTUTC+2 hours
Sydney (Australia - New South Wales)Saturday, 27 June 2020, 02:30:00AESTUTC+10 hours
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