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ICS Articles and Bylaws

Governance and Vision Statement

Vision Statement

Within a global scientific and scholarly environment which supports clinical and basic research in continence and pelvic floor disorders, the ICS strives for excellence in:
international cooperation through affiliation with the ICS by other national and international societies working in related areas and through collaborative projects.

  • global education of professionals by holding workshops and conferences and offering research and travel awards to centres of excellence;
  • outreach programs to improve access to continence care for the developing world through education, advocacy and service;
  • research by publication of research results at annual meetings, in the journal and by providing research scholarships and bursaries for professionals;
  • developing and advancing standards and guidelines for good clinical practice by dedicated committees, educational sessions, and local workshops;
  • advocacy and public awareness by developing fact sheets, holding an annual consumer meeting, having accessible information on the web site, and linking with other similar consumer groups.

The ICS became incorporated as a UK Company Limited by Guarantee on 29th June 1998 and registered as a UK Charity on 30th March 1999.

Conticom - ICS Ltd is a wholly owned trading subsidiary of ICS. Conticom - ICS Ltd is a company limited by guarantee VAT Number 771474807. Company number 3687688 (England and Wales).

ICS Governing Documents

Governing documents (Articles and Bylaws) and Trustees were required to comply with UK company and charity law, which are available in our documents section. Annual accounts are published and sent to all members.

Click here to view the ICS Charity Legal Documentation

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