Novel BPH Therapies – Review of Males LUTS, Technologies and Practical Instruction (W1)


ICS 2023 Preview

Hear from workshop chair Dean Elterman (Urologist, Canada) about this exciting workshop which will take place at ICS 2023 Toronto. Learn how this workshop will cover ecent advances in minimally invasive surgical procedures for BPH include UroLift, Rezum, iTind, and Aquablation. This 1.5hr instructional course will focus on novel therapies and techniques for the treatment of BPH. The course will provide an overview of the technologies in terms of equipment, technical approach, and high-level review of clinical data. The faculty will provide first-hand practical instruction on best practices including patient selection, technique selection, and “tips & tricks”. The faculty will provide international experience and evidenced-based summaries of the risks and benefits of these procedures to aid with patient counselling for informed consent.

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09/07/2024 01:16:34  26531
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