Physical Therapy Management of IC/BPS: AUA Guidelines Compared to EAU Guidelines


7th August 2020 16:00 BST

Join ICS Experts Rhonda K. Kotarinos, Bertha Golem and Eileen Huffman.

This will be a case study presentation to discuss the management of an IC/BPS patient. Specific attention will be given to the step by step variation in the process between the two guidelines. The scientific basis to the physical therapy protocol utilized in the RCT’s that were instrumental in making manual physical therapy as the second-line treatment in the AUA guidelines will be discussed in detail. The physical therapy approach in the second line treatment category of the AUA guidelines is a Clinical Evidence Standard with an Evidence Strength-Grade A.

You can join in the debate via the comments section on the ICS website and the experts about their presentation. If you can't join us live you can still add your questions in advance.

Don’t worry if you miss it live you can watch it back later!

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