Paula Igualada-Martinez


Physiotherapy Committee Chair Applicant

Mission Statement

I am passionate about Pelvic Health Physiotherapy and promoting its role and ensuring standardisation at both national and international level led me to join ICS in the first instance back in 2011.

Below are my proposed vision, mission and strategic goals for the Physiotherapy Committee should I be successful in attaining this role:

  1. Vision of the ICS Physiotherapy Committee: International development of clinical and academic standards for pelvic health physiotherapy and worldwide platform for physiotherapists.

  2. Mission:
    As the international platform for pelvic health physiotherapists our mission is:

  • To champion physiotherapy and to ensure the rest of the ICS members recognise the scope and potential of pelvic health physiotherapy.
  • To promote and facilitate evidence based pelvic health physiotherapy practice and research amongst its members.
  • To work towards international conformity of educational standards of practice amongst pelvic health physiotherapists.
  • To collaborate and facilitate communication and information exchange amongst its members.
  • To encourage collaboration between international physiotherapy members and other health professionals working in this area.
  1. Strategic goals:
  • To foster cooperation between pelvic health physiotherapy organisations throughout the world.
  • To become a provider of pelvic health physiotherapy education.
  • To encourage scientific research and promote opportunities for the spread of knowledge of new developments in the fields of pelvic health physiotherapy.

Overall, being the Physiotherapy Chair will be an amazing opportunity to continue to shape the Physiotherapy position at ICS as well as influence the international physiotherapy agenda and the education of the ICS members.

Skills, abilities and experience

I am applying to the Physiotherapy Chair role because I believe I have the required clinical, operational, and educational knowledge and expertise to lead the Physiotherapy Committee and its members. I currently work as an Advanced Clinical Practitioner in Pelvic Health Physiotherapy at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust and have over eighteen years' experience in the arena of pelvic floor dysfunction. I am also an Honorary Clinical Lecturer at Brunel University in London, UK. As a member of the ICS Education and Physiotherapy Committees for the past 6 years, I have a good understanding of the ICS objectives and vision. I am also part of the steering committee for male anorectal dysfunction which will result in a Terminology report later in the year, the Bowel Diary working group and I am leading the educational module on the initial assessment of urinary incontinence for junior pelvic health physiotherapists. I have chaired and participated in nine workshops about the evaluation and management of bowel dysfunction at the international ICS annual scientific meetings in 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. I have attended and presented research at the annual meetings and published ‘What was hot at the ICS meeting’ in 2014 and 2015.

Elections 2022

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