Adrian Wagg


Scientific Committee Chair Applicant

Mission Statement

Should I be elected to the position of Chair of the Scientific Committee I will strive to ensure that the highest standards of knowledge discovery, translation and implementation are communicated to the society. I will ensure that our meetings remain at the cutting edge of scientific dissemination and knowledge transfer. Working with the Education Committee and local organizers of Annual Scientific Meetings, I will ensure that our formal State of the Art Lectures, Round Tables, and debates reflect the state of the science, retain a local flavour, and meet the needs of our members. I will also strive to make sure that our Annual Meetings reflect the diversity of our society, both in research and education, ensuring that those contributing to the Society’s activities reflect the wide multi-professional nature of the Society, promoting and supporting our junior academic staff and acknowledged subject experts. Working with the office and the committee, I shall ensure that our peer review of abstracts remains rigorous, fair, and as minimally burdensome as possible, enabling wide engagement of clinical and fundamental research members of the Society in the process. I shall also continue the practice of formally recognizing the contribution of society members in the process.

Skills, abilities and experience

I believe I am well qualified for this position, having served on the Scientific Committee over the past three years. I am familiar with the committee's responsibilities and processes and have a good grasp of the things needing to be done over the next few years. I have considerable experience of leadership positions within the ICS, having been Chair of the Education Committee, Trustee and General Secretary during some difficult administrative times. I can work within and lead multi-professional teams, balancing consensus with the need to move ahead when required and have established working relationships with the office, vital for our Society I am an established, experienced researcher (>200 pubs, H index 43) in the field of continence and have supervised students and learners at all levels. I am an active peer reviewer for journals, grant committees and am an associate editor of Continence, our new academic journal.

Elections 2022

17/04/2024 21:38:17  19139
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